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Classy + Sexy

Keisa Talley

Posted on November 10 2022

Classy + Sexy
Come on in Beauty. Let’s have a real open and honest chat. If you are new to the Lyfestylz Brand, I must start off by saying “Welcome” and I’m so glad that you found us! We’ve been in the Plus Size Fashion business now for just over 10 years and we have seen fashion come a long way. The evolution of fashion period is something is interesting but when you break it down to fashion for curves, it’s a whole celebration. There are so many elements that have helped our fashion evolve. From social media to celebrity advocacy and even down to the social influencers. these mediums have helps to shine a bright light on the fact that curvy women demand to be catered to when it comes to inclusivity and style variety, and of course this is a great thing. The caveat is finding that fine lie between flattering sexy pieces and those pieces that may be ill fitting or just not cut to suite the curves in a tasteful way.
This thought is what birthed our “Clas-sexy” collection (yes, we made that up) and we are sure that these pieces will bring the sexy and sultry energy to your wardrobe. The topic of divine feminine energy has been buzzing the last couple of years and a big part of that energy is the way we dress. Even in our most relaxed looks we still want you to recognize and show to others that you are indeed that girl. It doesn’t stop there since sharing is caring. Pass this word along to your fellow sis so she is on program as well.
How do you feel about the tastefulness in Plus Size clothing today? Feel free to drop us a comment below!  

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