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Fluffy Girl Season: Stop Playing!

Keisa Talley

Posted on September 26 2021

Fluffy Girl Season: Stop Playing!
More than likely if you’re reading this you are a woman with curves. Even if you happen to be a standard size Beauty, I am about 90% sure you’ve heard the phrase “Fluffy Girl Season”. The label of Fluffy for us curvy girls is used as somewhat of a compliment when describing plus size women. Other terms such as full-figured or curvy, chunky or chubby and even fat or phat come to mind as well. These descriptive words have been around forever but with increased focus on body acceptance, phrases like the one above often become widely used. While a “season” named after fluffy women is cute, I must ask, why do  we limited to just that, a season? I
t seems as if the phrase which seemingly means to motivate and give us our props also places us in a box to only be pulled from when the temperatures drop. We won’t even get into the objectification of it all. The joyful banter and cackle of being “in season” is cute but I do want to leave you with this nugget Loves.  You are in season “YEAR ‘ROUND” Beauty. Yes, we slay in the Spring, sizzle with the best in the Summer, are fabulous in the Fall and you better believe we leave the WEAK in the Winter. 


How do you Feel about the phrase “Fluffy Girl Season”? We would love to read your comments and experiences so drop us a comment below.


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