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Honest Opinion: Curves and Jumpsuits, Love it or Hate it

Keisa Talley

Posted on January 20 2022

Honest Opinion: Curves and Jumpsuits, Love it or Hate it
Love if you’ve been following our brand for the last several years, you can see that we have a THING for one piece jumpers. Every season we try to stock the latest and greatest one pieces styles. They can range from sleeveless tropical patterns, to some of our long sleeve solid looks. 
We recently conducted a poll on our IG asking our story viewers how they feel about jumpsuits. We asked if they “loved them” or “hated them” and 88% said that they love the look of a jumper while 12% didn’t favor them at all. We’ve taken a moment to share some pros and cons for these fan favorites (BTW, if you’re not following we would love to connect with you there, just click here). 
A one piece jumper takes that guess work out of putting together more than on piece to get a look. This could really be a time saver because the one piece jumper is you complete look. All you need now are your favorite accessories and shoes to move out of the door.
One piece sets can be very figure flattering as long as you have the right foundation (we will be getting into that soon as well)
One piece sets can also be layered with your favorite outer wear piece to remix a look or two from previous wears. 
Depending no the closure style of the jumpsuit it may be a challenge to get in and out of during tight situations like having to take a trip to the lady’s room. We try to make sure all of our pieces are flexible for our curves but sometimes that button up or zipper in the back piece is just BAD!
Going back to the shape wear, if the proper undergarment isn’t work underneath it could cause the one piece jumper to fit improperly. If you can purchase one from a brand who uses real women’s bodies to gauge a good fit and sizing (hint, hint) that would help tremendously.
This con comes into play when we are talking about height. For the longest in our industry it was difficult to find tall girl friendly dresses and pants and unfortunately jumpsuits fell into that same category. Now the challenge is finding one that has just the right length. Again, this goes back to having a detailed product description in front of you so you can make the best choice based on your own body type. 
Beauty we hope this was super helpful and that if you were one of the 12% who did not favor jumpsuits, maybe after reading this you can give it a try? Maybe? Feel free to sound off below.
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