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Pushing through a Pandemic

Keisa Talley

Posted on May 20 2020

Pushing through a Pandemic

The last few months the world has seen exactly how much things can change in only a short matter of time. Due to COVID-19 pandemic (affectionately known as #RONA) the greatest of plans, celebrations, lifestyles and just the way of lyfe have all been impacted by something that none of us have the control over. As a business owner, mother and citizen I have had a range of emotions from panic to acceptance and then from anger to optimism, then back to anger mixed with an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. As a woman of faith, of course I have sent a gang of prayers up just for the overall healing and for an end to this things that has come in and changed so many lives but I will be honest and say I am not completely at the stage where I’m supposed to “pray about it and leave it alone” like our elders say. The fact that we don’t really know the outcome of such a crippling situation combined with a lack of control can take a toll on anyone, but to an entrepreneur or small business owner that uncertainly can release a dose of anxiety that just will not quit.


One day I woke up and decided that I would not let the threat of the unknown deter me from the goals I set for myself or my business. I write this with the hopes of sharing that same notion with you. The year 2020 is still the year of #vision and we are still on the #2020LYFE mission. The way we get through this year will be a little different and unfortunately for some of us it may result in loss. If we can just keep the faith and know that things will improve at some point this can be fuel used to make sure we come out on the other side and are able to see God’s promise.

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