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#Springrefresh 2021-Renewed Plus Size Fashion for the Spring

Keisa Talley

Posted on April 09 2021

#Springrefresh 2021-Renewed Plus Size Fashion for the Spring

Beauties, Beauties, Beauties! We are soooo HAPPY to see THIS Spring season, SPRING 2021! I will be completely transparent Lovelies. From the brand side of things I had no idea of what to expect last year. The world completely shut down right before our favorite fashion season. Thanks to our amazing customers we were able to push on but the world as we know it experienced a change unlike what many of us have ever seen.

If you are here and able to read this blog post that is more than a blessing and I for one want to say thank you for continuing the ride with us. While we encourage everyone to get up and get back into the grove of looking and feeling amazing we also want to remind you to be safe. Here are just a few ways we are continuing to keep the safety of our customers at the forefront of our thoughts.

  • Returns (although they rarely happen) are still accepted but out of caution are still not being restocked.
  • Every order still comes with a face covering so you can but CUTE and SAFE.
  • We have a few virtual events planned so be sure to sign up for our email list so that you can stay in the know regarding all things in the "Lyfe of Style". 

We are continuing to send positive vibes of safety and discernment to all of our Customers and here's to an AMAZING and REFRESHING Spring! 😍😍😍

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