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Fall transition: Why you being weird to me?

Keisa Talley

Posted on October 30 2021

So the Fall season is upon us so now what? When it comes to trading in our Summer Sun dresses for pullovers, long sleeves and jeans it can be super awkward. Here in Atlanta, we are expecting to see a drop in temperatures but anyone from the South can tell you that the heat will be right back in October at least for a few days. Luckily there are options to prepare for the awkwardness when it comes to the Fall fashion transition. Checkout our suggestions below.


  • You can still bring those short sleeves into the Fall. To avoid getting cold as the day progressives be sure to bring along a cute and sassy cardigan or your favorite super cool denim jacket. Both items have long sleeves and are lighter in weight that a full-blown coat.
  • There are layers to this thing Beauty. Adding layers to your look are not only fashionable but they can also help in case the weather is a little bipolar. Sometimes there’s a morning chill that disappears into thin air as the day goes by. As the temps warm up just peel back one of those layers and you are back in the game comfortably.


  • Probably the most important thing to do even before you take any of the suggestions above is to monitor the weather. I must admit I could do better in this department myself (not sure why because there are so many weather apps right on our phones). If you know what the weather expectations are you are sure to make the best wardrobe decision for your workday that may turn into an evening with the girls or the Boo.



Did you find these tips helpful, or do you have some to share? We would love your feedback so drop us a comment.


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